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What is Credit Card Balance Transfer and How Does it Work?

Balance transfer credit cards might be the helpful financial instrument you are looking for a smart strategy to manage your credit card debt while saving money.

These cards provide you the option of transferring your outstanding credit card balances to one card with a cheaper interest rate, or even one with a 0% introductory APR (Annual Percentage Rate). Call us now to apply online for the best credit card.

In this blog post we’ll discuss about Credit Card balance transfer, how does it work? and how they may give you control over your money while you live in the vivacious and energetic United Arab Emirates.

What is balance transfer credit cards?

Balance transfers credit cards are made to make it easier for you to transfer high-interest debt from one or more credit cards to another with a reduced interest rate.

The main objective is to lower the expense of carrying your debt, make it more manageable, and assist you in paying it off more quickly.

Key features of balance transfer credit cards

1. Introductory 0% APR

A balance transfer credit card in UAE provides an initial period with a 0% APR.

You won’t be assessed interest on the transferred sum during this time. With the help of this function, you may direct more of your payments toward lowering your principal debt.

2. Lower interest rates

Balance transfer credit cards sometimes provide lower interest rates than standard credit cards, even after the promotional period has passed.

This implies that as you reduce your debt, you’ll continue to save on interest.

3. Consolidation

You may combine your credit card balances from several cards into a single balance transfer card.

Your monthly payments become simpler as a result, and tracking your progress is made simpler.

4. Flexible repayment

Balance transfer credit cards provide various periods for repayment. You have the option of making manageable monthly payments at a lower interest rate or paying off the full debt within the promotional period.

5. Minimal fees

Even while there could be a one-time balance transfer charge (which is often a percentage of the transferred amount), the interest savings you’ll realize throughout the 0% APR term will generally surpass it.

3 Ways To Make the Most of Your Balance Transfer Credit Card

1. Calculate Your Saving

Before you transfer any balances, calculate how much you’ll save in interest payments. Ensure the savings outweigh any balance transfer fees.

2. Choose the Right Credit Card

Find a card with a sizable 0% APR introductory period and low continuing interest rates. To select the package that best suits your financial circumstances, compare offers from several institutions. You can read our article on how to apply for a best credit card in the UAE?

3. Create a Repayment Plan

Have a strategy in place for repaying your loan throughout the trial term. Make a monthly spending plan and follow it.

Avoid New Debt: Avoid taking on further debt with the balance transfer card while paying off your transferred balance.

Monitor Your Credit: Finally, regularly check your credit report to ensure your payments are accurate. You need a good credit history to maintain your financial stability.


A balance transfer credit card offers a strategic way to manage and pay off high-interest debt while saving money.

You may make considerable progress toward financial independence in this lively and dynamic nation by comprehending how they operate and employing them intelligently. In the United Arab Emirates, take charge of your money, pay off your debt, and benefit from a better financial future.

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