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Apply for a Cash-Back Credit Card in the UAE

Apply for a cash-back credit card with Gulf Financial Services in the UAE. Say goodbye to high expenses and enjoy rewards on everyday spending, promising relief and financial ease.

Do you want a credit card that would help you earn rewards every time you swipe it?  If yes, then apply for a cash-back credit card in the UAE through Gulf Financial Services.  With every purchase, you will receive benefits in return.

A cash-back credit card offers you the chance to earn a specific percentage or amount based on your shopping or purchasing activities that is in the form of reward points or cash that is added to your account. Many credit cards provide cash-back rewards for various expenses such as lifestyle purchases, electronics, online bill payments, groceries, online food delivery, entertainment, and more.


Types of Cash-back Credit Cards

Flat-rate cash-back credit card-

The flat-rate cash-back credit card is aptly named as it offers a consistent cash percentage on every transaction, regardless of the spending category. This makes it a suitable choice for individuals whose expenses cover a wide range of shopping categories rather than being limited to specific ones. With this type of credit card, you can enjoy a flat and uniform reward percentage on all your purchases.

Tiered Cash-back Credit Card-

The tiered cash-back credit card offers varying cash-back rates depending on the type of purchase. It provides a standard cash-back rate for certain categories of expenses, while also offering “Accelerated Rewards” for specific types of transactions. Accelerated rewards are additional points, cash, or miles that you earn at a higher rate than the regular rewards. Typically, the accelerated rewards categories encompass groceries, fuel, dining, entertainment, and travel.

Bonus Cash Rewards Cards-

The bonus cash-back credit card offers enhanced cash-back rates for certain shopping categories during designated periods, which may change periodically, such as on a monthly or quarterly basis. For all other types of spending, it provides a consistent cash-back rate. To maximize the benefits of this card, it is important to pay attention to any communication from your bank, including literature, emails, or promotional materials that provide specific details about the bonus cash-back offers.

Choose Gulf Financial Services for Cash-back Credit Cards

Variety of options :-

 We have a variety of cash-back credit card options suitable for your lifestyle and spending habits.

Competitive rewards-

Our cash-back credit cards feature attractive rewards programs.  With the cards, you can earn cash-back on eligible purchases

Flexible redemption-

As the financial goals of everyone are different, we provide flexible redemption of cash-back rewards, which are in the form of statement credits, direct deposits, or gift cards.

Exceptional customer service-

For any query related to cash-back credit cards, our dedicated team of financial experts is ready to assist you. We provide personalized support to complete the process effortlessly.

Security and protection-

Using our cash-back credit cards is safe as they come with robust security measures. These security measures include advanced fraud detection and zero liability protection.

To get cash-back on every swipe of your credit card, apply for a cash-back credit card today. Go to our website and check the various cash-back credit options. Don’t forget to compare the features and rewards offered by each card.

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